4 Ways To Be Prepared This Hurricane Season

Here in South Florida, Hurricane Season runs from June 1st through November 30th, 2015. The most important thing to remember is:

                BE PREPARED!

With proper preparation you can keep you and your family safe and “weather any storm” that may come your way this Hurricane Season.

Here are 4 ways To Make Sure You Are Prepared for Hurricane Season:

1.     Gather information

  • Obtaining information about your area is vital! Make sure you know whether you live in an evacuation zone and what risks your home may pose if a storm does hit in South Florida.
  • Make sure you and all members of your family have a list of emergency contacts

2.       Plan and Take Action

  • Have an evacuation plan and practice with your family. Make sure that everyone clearly understands what they are supposed to do during an emergency. Make subsequent plans that dictate what to do depending on what time of day and where each person is (e.g. school, work, etc.).
  • Gather an emergency preparedness kit. For an example of what supplies you should stock up on visit: http://www.ready.gov/kit
  • Make sure that you have a plan and supplies stored for anyone with special needs in your home (i.e. medications, mobility devices, etc.).
  • Secure any important assets.
  • Make an emergency plans for your pets

3.       Safeguard Your Home

  • Look for vulnerabilities in your home. Be sure to check your roof, doors and windows.
  • Trim your trees and be aware of any weak or potentially dangerous branches.
  • If you have storm shutters, check their condition and proper installation procedures

4.       Hurricane Resources

Know where to find help if needed. Below are a list of agencies that offer disaster relief:

If a hurricane or other natural disaster does hit, and damage is sustained to your South Florida home or business, call A&S Total Cleaning at 954-570-1165 to clean up any hurricane and storm debris or water damage.

To see a complete list of all the services we provide, visit www.totalcleaning.com

Stay safe and always be prepared!