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The holidays are around the corner, is your property ready?

Get your property ready for the holiday parties and reunions. Let the experts of A&S Total Cleaning do it for you.  We will have your floors looking brand new. Marble Care Service is one of many floor care services we offer to meet South Florida business and home owners’ needs.  As the leading South Florida cleaning […]

New property, new beginings…Is it clean enough for you to move in?

You are really exited about your new property  and can’t wait to move in, or the remodeling job recently done in your home. You want to have it ready for all the family reunions and parties. You need to make sure that is completely clean and dust free. We can help you! The clean up […]

Improve your floor’s appearance and save money!

Lasting strength and shine with less maintenance This treatment is design to work on any stone floor. Delivers a highly durable floor with less labor and significally, higher return of investment. In just two coats of Scotchgard Stone Protector produces a clean, shiny floor that is less susceptible to scuffs, black marks, stains and scratches. […]

It’s Time to Restore Your Marble Floors!

In general, a marble floor requires little maintenance. While neglect will spoil its appearance, it will not normally impair its serviceability. When properly maintained, it is doubtful whether marble floors can be excelled by any other type for brilliance and timeless beauty. Routine maintenance should be carried out with a solution of neutral detergent in […]

Getting Rid Of Carpet Cleaning Myths, plus save 10% on the next carpet cleaning service

Getting Rid of Carpet Care Myths Many myths regarding the proper care of carpet still persist; it is time to clear up the confusion. Once we mentioned to a customer that it was time for the facility’s carpets to be “steam cleaned,” as hot water extraction was referred to at that time. The customer balked. […]

The Stinky Drain Mystery

If that drain isn’t associated with a commode or urinal, why does it smell like noxious sewer gas? Sewer gas is a mixture of gases with some being toxic. Sewer gas can include hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides. The smell of sewer gas can be sickening to some. Beneath […]

Sustainability Beyond Green Cleaning

A comprehensive program should address the three pillars of sustainability. Green cleaning, especially over the past decade, has evolved to include more sophisticated products, tools and processes. It has captured the attention of building owners, visitors and occupants, all of whom see the benefits of cleaning programs that minimize the impact on human health and […]