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Do Your Restrooms Attract Or Detract Customers?

Customer traffic varies from business to business, as well as public restroom use.  Many people make it a personal mission to avoid restrooms they deem as dirty and go the extra mile to visit a clean one. Consumers have a variety of different quirks and preferences when it comes to a restroom’s condition. As a […]

Are your dirty carpets a reflect on how you run your business?

How do your floors look? If your facility is like most, chances are the hard floors look better than the carpeted ones. And they should. With hard floors you always know where the dirt is because it’s easy to see. Not so with carpet. Carpet hides dirt using a camouflage of color and density and […]

What you see is what you get!

What your customers see is extremely important for your business. The area around a commercial building should reflect the business inside of it. Passerby see the exterior of a business and naturally make this connection. When hiring a professional cleaning service to provide groundskeeping and porter services, there are a few key spots to focus […]

Have your marble bloors looking at their best for Mother’s Day and get 20% off!

In general, a marble floor requires little maintenance. While neglect will spoil its appearance, it will not normally impair its serviceability. When properly maintained, it is doubtful whether marble floors can be excelled by any other type for brilliance and timeless beauty. Routine maintenance should be carried out with a solution of neutral detergent in […]

How will you know if you have the best contractor?

How else would know you, If their being competitive with pricing and service? Being able to deliver services ,timely, professionally and fairly should be the core of your decision making process. But a good scare ,of pricing out a current contractor ,does shake loose some easy savings. That Being Said: Construction is an essential part […]

Are you looking for a smart way to spend your tax return and add value to your property?

Is that time of the year! You just got back your tax refund and thinking a smart way to spend it and add value to your property at the same time.  Use it to maintain your marble floors.  In general, a marble floor requires little maintenance. While neglect will spoil its appearance, it will not […]

Improve your floor’s appearance and save money.

Lasting strength and shine with less maintenance This treatment is design to work on any stone floor. Delivers a highly durable floor with less labor and significally, higher return of investment. In just two coats of Scotchgard Stone Protector produces a clean, shiny floor that is less susceptible to scuffs, black marks, stains and scratches. […]

Do you want to get rid of bad odors on your business or workplace?

On an industrial, institutional or work setting, cleanliness becomes something more earthbound and, removing unwanted matter from surfaces is the real key in fighting malodors. Foul smells in a building are typically caused by the presence of bacteria left to breed through either infrequent or inadequate cleaning procedures possibly both. Although odor problems can be […]