Pressure Cleaning



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Our South Florida power washing service removes grime and mold from high rise buildings, estate homes, small villas and community walkways. A&S Total Cleaning trucks are mounted with customized, built-in power washers with high volume pumps engineered specifically for high pressure cleaning of exterior surfaces. All of our power washing trucks have a 1,500 gallon water holding tank for residential and commercial areas that have no direct access to water hookups.

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Pressure Cleaning A&S Total Cleaning technicians are trained to handle industrial power washing as well as precision patio cleaning, paying special attention to delicate screen enclosures. Our company carefully screens our employees through comprehensive background checks and drug testing. Our pressure cleaning supervisors maintain quality control using strict safety and security practices. A&S Total Cleaning requires that all technicians maintain a professional appearance and display their company security badges at all times. Contact A&S Total Cleaning today @ (954) 570-1165