Alan Kohn, our straight-talking business development executive
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Total Cleaning is made up of diverse professionals operating towards one goal–elevate commercial cleaning to the highest possible standards. We like to feature the people who drive our success, which is why we’ve launched a new employee spotlight series. As often as possible, we’ll sit down with the organization’s change-makers to learn more about their lives and what they think about Total Cleaning. (All good things, we hope)

We sat down with Alan Kohn, our professional sales and business development executive. With 20 years of experience, Alan has honed his straight shooter approach which is proving to resonate with prospective clients.

Without further introduction, let’s get to know Alan …

How would you describe yourself to potential clients who don’t know you?

I would say I pride myself on being transparent. I’m not going to say something just because you want to hear it. I’m only going to tell it like it is. I stand behind my work and the work we do at Total Cleaning because we’re the real deal. I don’t need to memorize an elevator pitch because I’m passionate about the product and service I represent. Total Cleaning offers the best bang for your buck and I love letting people know that.

What is your role at Total Cleaning, and what do you do?

At Total Cleaning, I work as an Account Executive in Sales and Business Development. I’m here to grow the organization by procuring partnerships with large South Florida companies. In particular, I look for businesses that inhabit 13,000 square feet or more.

My job requires intense research and canvassing. I spend a lot of time on the road. And when I meet companies in need, I spend hours walking through their buildings collecting data, and assessing their risks to determine the most accurate price for their scope of work. 

What did you do prior to joining Total Cleaning?

Prior to Total cleaning, I was the General Manager for a chemical manufacturer called Chem Station. I oversaw sales and operations and learned a lot about cleaning chemicals used in various industries. I also learned a great deal about what it takes to adhere to FDA and USDA-guidelines regarding clean industrial environments. 

Why did you decide to join Total Cleaning?

Prior to working for Chem Station, I spent 5 years at Coverall where I gained my first sales role in the janitorial industry. I really like working in the cleaning and disinfection business, and I saw a chance to go back by joining Total Cleaning.

I was also attracted to Total Cleaning’s unique perspective, culture and business model. I noticed they were very selective in terms of who they hired, including their executives, managers, trainers, and technicians. I quickly realized Total Cleaning prioritized their service level, competency and accountability above all else. And I noticed they were one of the only commercial cleaners who could cover 10M sq. ft. of building space.

When I discovered Total Cleaning was specialized, I wanted to join the team and pitch their solutions.

What advantages does Total Cleaning have over competitors?

First and foremost, our hiring and vetting process is unprecedented. We never outsource team members. We selectively choose the most trustworthy candidates, train them well, and offer a very competitive wage. As a result, we have an extremely low turnover rate. To illustrate this better, 150% turnover is considered low in the cleaning industry. We’re at about 80%. That means our technicians are reliable and many stick around for years, helping us deliver the consistent service clients expect.

Our dedication to accountability is another standout advantage. We have several layers of management that proactively holds every employee responsible for delivering impeccable service. We don’t wait for a huge problem to occur. We use tracking technology so clients can monitor our performance and alert us in real-time if they notice any deficiencies. We also conduct weekly inspections and stay in constant contact with our clients so there are never surprises. When I sell a scope of work to a client, I’m confident we can execute on the promises made because of the checks and balances that keep us accountable.

How would you describe Total Cleaning to companies who haven’t worked with us before?

I would say our owner is hands on, always available, and always involved with the South Florida businesses we serve. We’re not trying to scrape the area to pitch every business we can find. We look for clients who we can successfully support. We pride ourselves on our systems, technology and the managers who keep every aspect of our business running smoothly. Total Cleaning is not a commercial cleaning franchise. We operate differently and at a much higher standard of service. 

When you’re not working at Total Cleaning, what are you up to?

I am a heavy sports fan. I spend most Sundays watching football and I love going to live events whenever I can. I’m originally from Queens, NY so I’m a diehard Mets and Rangers fan. I moved here in 1994 but I still miss the change in seasons from living in New York. I also miss the people. But I have family in South Florida and I’m blessed to live near them.

When I’m not working or watching sports, I love enjoying the outdoors. I keep it simple, quiet, and stress-free.

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