School Cleaning Service



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School | University Cleaning Service

Schools have a major need for reliable janitorial services. A poorly maintained school can be a major turn off for potential students and faculty. We’ve visited plenty of education institutions that weren’t up to par with what we consider clean and well kept. Avoid a bad reputation, and let us help you be known for always having a clean and inviting atmosphere that is conducive for learning. Licensed&InsuredTotalCleaningVS Don’t let your school or university be the victim of a non reliable cleaning company that doesn’t know how to clean at a professional level. Inexperienced cleaners may use chemicals that are harmful to your environment.

ECO -FRIENDLY Cleaning is Best for your Facility

Using ECO-FRIENDLY cleaning products is safer for cleaning staff and building occupants. Harsh cleaning products can cause skin and eye irritation, headaches and nausea. We won’t subject our team or your daycare facility to harsh chemicals that compromise safety. In fact, we emphasis on all the latest technologies in green cleaning. One example of this is microfiber technology, which eliminates the need for chemical cleaning supplies, and even green cleaners. Just water alone and a quality microfiber cloth can eliminate over 99% of bacteria from hard surface. Call A&S Total Cleaning today for a FREE ESTIMATE on a regular cleaning schedule for your learning Institution