ATTN Cleaning Companies – How to Make a Winning Bid

A recent vote by the East Peoria (IL) City Council awarded a cleaning contract to a local cleaning services company that was the lowest of five bidders for the job, proving the importance of pitching the right bid.

Being the winning bidder in a competitive bidding contest can be tricky. So what can you do to give your cleaning company the best chance of winning your next big contract?

One thing you have in your favor is that, when it comes down to it, the cleaning business is straightforward. This means there isn’t any reason to add in any complicated wording into your bid. Keep it simple. In fact, you only really need to include four things in your bid: 1) the cost, 2) the payment terms, 3) what you will do, and 4) what you won’t do.

You also want to make sure you are bidding a price that is high enough for you to make a decent profit, but low enough that you will be the one who gets the contract. This is where it gets competitive.

According to, your cleaning expertise is surprisingly not what you should focus on when preparing your bid. While of course those skills should be included, what will set your bid apart from other cleaning companies’ bids are your company’s values and your other clients’ positive feedback. You should also be sure to write the bid based on the services the client would need or want. So do your research, and know your audience! And if you know there is a specific problem they are having, address it and explain in your pitch why you are the best one to take care of that need.

Finally, when submitting your bid, keep in mind that the larger the job usually means the lower percentage of profit you will need to take. This is important to stay competitive. While small residential jobs may allow you take a larger profit percentage, larger company jobs may require you to accept a smaller profit percentage.


Good luck and happy bidding!