The Immunity Boost for Your Organization

There is no doubt that the pandemic of 2020 had a significant impact on commercial office space. In order for employees to return to the office, they must believe their health and safety is a priority. To do that, building owners, property managers and business owners are turning to Total Cleaning.

Our technicians are certified to provide enhanced cleaning and disinfection services. Team members follow the latest protocols when cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, floors, chairs, desks and high touch areas. Supervisors are on-site performing random quality spot checks. Detailed job performance reports are generated and regularly reviewed with clients. We also offer more specialized services like window cleaning, floor care and power washing services.

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A Higher Level of Cleanliness

The latest technology, science and protocols.


How to reopen and stay open after COVID-19

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From Floor to Decor

Windows, Floorcare, Power washing


Evolution of Janitorial Services and What It Means for Businesses Today

Today, the cleaning industry has taken center stage in our daily lives. In the era of COVID-19, a clean environment is not just about looking tidy and organized. It’s about keeping buildings, businesses, and people safe.

How Important is Surface Cleaning to Your Hygiene Risk Strategy

At-risk businesses, schools or large offices should employ advanced hygiene beyond soap, and sanitizer stations. Medical facilities must engage special disinfection services.

The Holidays Are Coming: How to Have Safe Office Parties Again

We know the holidays can be stressful enough without factoring in health risks for your staff and customers. If you’d rather leave enhanced hygiene protocols to the professionals, contact us today.