Infection Prevention

Keeping medical facilities clean is a crucial safety issue. Infection rates among patients are significantly higher. At Total Cleaning, we take charge of cleaning and disinfection so healthcare professionals can focus on running their facilities and improving their patients’ lives. Our multifaceted approach integrates the latest technology, equipment, science, and protocols alongside other key program elements (e.g., leadership support, training, monitoring, and feedback mechanisms).

Our Prescription

  • Decades of cleaning strategies and techniques based on risk assessment
  • Tailored Standard Operating Procedures for all facility areas
  • Deep roster of 500+ trained team members
  • Flexible day, night and weekend scheduling
  • Cost savings through outsourced labor, equipment and liability
  • Technology that monitors and assesses real-time job performance

Higher Quality Standards

Thorough Through and Through

Our EVS techs are the best trained and supervised to clean and disinfect high-touch point surfaces multiple times a day. Our investment in team development and oversight means consistency of service, higher patient satisfaction, and safety.

Insured for Audits and Accreditations

We are fully insured up to $2,000,000 per occurrence. Our EVS team conducts mock audits to ensure clients pass inspections and avoid fines from JACO, Florida Department of Health, and OSHA.

What our clients say

Trust-Building Technology

We utilize smart technology requiring cleaning technicians to take pictures before and after they finish each service and upload those images to our mobile application for job performance evaluation. Cleaning team members are also required to clock-in and out our mobile app. If a team member does not show up on time (which is rare), a team supervisor receives an alert and dispatches a backup cleaning technician.


We hire the best | Contratamos a los mejores

Our teams are carefully vetted and properly trained.

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