Proactive prevention and mitigation of infection-related crises

Hygiene Risk Management is a system of proactive, planned, and ongoing efforts to prevent or mitigate infection-related crises that could affect people, buildings, and an organization’s wellbeing. Biorisks are part of the “new normal,” and your organization should prepare for the next unexpected hit. Call us if you still do not have a hygiene risk management plan or need help training your staff.

Put into action a plan that does it all:

  • Protect your employee and customer health
  • Protect uninterrupted business operations
  • Limit your organization’s exposure to unwanted litigation
  • Lower your business and health insurance premiums
  • Reassure stakeholders of your commitment to safety

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Hygiene Risk
Management Cycle

1. Risk Analysis

The process starts with an assessment of your organization’s exposure to biorisks. The first step involves inspections of your facilities and a review of operations. At this stage, we map the high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces and develop various hypothetical situations that may affect people’s safety and business operations.

2. Evaluation of Techniques

Based on the risk analysis findings specific for every facility, we select the most appropriate techniques and protocols to outline the optimal treatment schedules. At Total Cleaning, we never stop evolving our expertise and always look for the most effective technologies, new scientific approaches, and the latest guidance from hygiene authorities.

3. Plan Development

We outline specific steps and put together treatment schedules while focusing on the central goal of protecting the organization’s wellbeing. A treatment plan usually includes a combination of proactive cleaning and disinfection measures that work in concert. Despite all of the preventive efforts, unexpected crises will happen, so we plan for these situations too.

4. Preparation and Training

The risk mitigation plan usually includes ongoing tasks for the organization’s staff and a schedule of professional treatments. We prepare for both activity types, allocating proper budgets for equipment, materials, signage, and training. As an ISSA member, Total Cleaning will guide your organization to achieve GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation.

5. Implementation

All of the analysis, planning, and preparation are only a prelude to the action stage. We execute the tasks outlined in the plan and follow the schedules to achieve consistent results. Total Cleaning provides scheduled and emergency support, including consultation, training, and professional team deployment.

6. Monitoring and Adjustment

Most of the plan activities require continuous monitoring for quality control and evaluation of unforeseen challenges. Hygiene Risk Management is an ongoing system of efforts that require periodic review and adjustment of the plan, based on the ever-changing social health and economic factors.

Hygiene risk management by Total Cleaning provides an extraordinary list of benefits:

  • Strategic consultative partnership
  • Expert training and support for in-house teams
  • Quick deployment of professional cleaning and disinfection crews
  • Application of the leading GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation
  • Utilization of advanced technology and the latest protocols

What our clients say

Innovative Response to Epidemic Threats

Prompted by the global rise of infectious diseases, hygiene risk management combines the full spectrum of cleaning and disinfection disciplines. It is proactive, planned, and systematic by design. With more than 30 years of commercial cleaning expertise, Total Cleaning offers top-tier consultation and training to all organizations concerned with protecting their everyday operations.


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