Protecting Those On The Ground & In The Air

When travelers fly in and out of a South Florida airport, they put their lives in the hands of those who protect them in the air and on the ground. And that’s why the Federal Aviation Administration turned to Total Cleaning to protect the safety and health of their employees while on the job. With clean and sanitized workspaces, FAA employees remain focused and productive.

When it comes to airports and other mass transportation hubs, consistency and accountability are key. Our certified team of cleaning and disinfection technicians are trained how to properly hand wipe critical and sensitive equipment. Supervisors conduct scheduled and random spot checks of the quality of the team’s on-site performance. Reports are generated and reviewed with clients.

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Robots. Coming soon to a carpet or floor near you.

Once science fiction, domestic robots are making big inroads into the commercial cleaning industry and helping their human teammates work more efficiently.

Evolution of Janitorial Services and What It Means for Businesses Today

Today, the cleaning industry has taken center stage in our daily lives. In the era of COVID-19, a clean environment is not just about looking tidy and organized. It’s about keeping buildings, businesses, and people safe.

How Important is Surface Cleaning to Your Hygiene Risk Strategy

At-risk businesses, schools or large offices should employ advanced hygiene beyond soap, and sanitizer stations. Medical facilities must engage special disinfection services.

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