Total Exterior Care

The grounds and walkways are one of the first things visitors and employees notice when they approach your facility. Impressions matter. The exterior condition of buildings reflects on the facility owner and manager. We offer a full spectrum of exterior cleaning services like power washing, porter, trash hauling, and handyman services. We do all the little dirty things that help to maintain the life and reputation of your facility.

Total Cleaning delivers:

  • 30+ years of commercial exterior cleaning expertise
  • Flexible day, night, and weekend schedules
  • Job performance oversight by an on-site Supervisor
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded up to $2 million
  • Knowledge of and compliance with EPA and city regulations
  • Properly vetted, trained, and certified cleaning technicians
  • Free on-site assessment and estimate

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Exterior Services

Power Washing

Over time, it is not uncommon for algae, mold, and mildew to build up on walkways, walls, facades, and parking lots. Fortunately, our deep pressure washing equipment can remove this grime and other unsightly stains and gum from wood, concrete, stone, or pavers. Our trained power washing teams use the latest equipment and EPA-safe materials to keep facility entryways and grounds looking great.


Our porter services include post-storm cleanup, removal of debris, cigarette butts, and wiping of windowsills and frames. They are trained to not only keep the exterior of your property immaculate but also in compliance with local and federal COVID-19 regulations. Our porters are trained to be the eyes of your property and mitigate any potential liabilities.

Trash Hauling

Even if your company does not manufacture widgets, just being in business for a long time often results in an accumulation of junk. Whether it’s equipment, furniture, or simply large amounts of debris, our team is on call to quickly pick up and haul your trash to the local landfill or recycling center.


Commercial customers often require immediate service. This is why we employ a deep roster of experienced handymen for various tasks – from the installation of signage and painting to repairs of parking lot potholes and car stops. They can install disinfection dispensers, replace light bulbs, and handle low voltage electrical work. Licensed, insured, and fully vetted, our team can take care of the many little things you need to get done.

What our clients say

Quality Assurance

With over 30 years of servicing all of South Florida, Total Cleaning offers facilities the most complete and convenient exterior maintenance solutions available. We offer flexible morning, evening, and weekend schedules mindful of business operations. Our project specifications are detailed and transparent. Our supervisors inspect their teams’ performance to ensure proper job execution the first time. We document and share reports on our team’s cleaning activities. Contact us for a free on-site assessment and estimate.


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Our teams are carefully vetted and properly trained.

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