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Commercial cleaning is not what it was when we started back in 1989. It’s not even what it was last year. We began as a janitorial and porter service company specializing in windows, floors, and deep post-construction cleaning. We continued to get trained, certified, and equipped for hospital-grade environmental services and professional disinfection – just in time to lead the charge against the spread of COVID-19. We offer our expertise across the full spectrum of professional cleaning services for public and commercial facilities.


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Why Choose Total Cleaning for Post-Construction in South Florida

Why Total Cleaning for Post-Construction Cleaning Projects is the Right Choice

You might think hiring a residential cleaning company for your post-construction job makes the most sense. However, ensuring brand- new homes are move-in ready is no simple task. It requires knowledge of proper cleaning products and extreme attention to detail to carefully touch every surface, including hard-to-reach areas, and...

How Total Cleaning Overcomes Labor Shortages

How Total Cleaning Overcomes Labor Shortages to Deliver Seamless Commercial Cleaning Services

Shipping delays and labor and supply shortages have significantly impacted commercial cleaning, an industry whose services are more critical now than ever. That’s why Total Cleaning is working harder than ever to maintain smooth operations while it protects South Florida Businesses.