Do you Disinfect?

Have you ever wondered “Do I need to disinfect? Isn’t cleaning the same thing as disinfecting? Doesn’t disinfecting and sanitizing happen when I clean?”
Disinfecting, Cleaning, and Sanitizing are not the same thing. They do all go hand in hand to keep you and your employees healthy in the workplace. Cleaning is defined as the removal of germs and substances from objects and surfaces; while disinfecting is defined as killing germs on objects and surfaces. Cleaning must occur before you can disinfect. Most cleaning products do no include a disinfectant, only speciality detergents that are clearly marked.

Disinfecting Kills Germs
Studies show that germs can survive on objects that are frequently touched by hands. Did you know that MRSA can survive on your surfaces for months? It is critical that your cleaning company uses disinfects and leaves them on
surfaces long enough to kill viruses, germs, and bacteria!

Sanitizing Saves

Where does sanitizing fit into the cleaning equation? Sanitizing lowers the number of germs on surfaces to a safe level. They don’t completely kill germs but they do not require to be left on surfaces as long. It is good practice to clean and sanitize high touch traffic areas such as door handles.