Fort Lauderdale Office Cleaning – Preventing Germs In The Workplace

Wondering why you are always catching the latest office bug even though you are washing your hands and avoiding people in the office that are sick. There are 5 problem areas where your office could be making you very sick at this very moment without you even knowing about it!

And here’s the really Shocking part:

Many Fort Lauderdale commercial cleaning companies are not aware of these problem area (just ask your current cleaning company!). What’s even worse, many cleaning crews don’t clean these infected office surfaces (listed below) nor are they using the appropriate disinfectants to kill each germ type!

The 6 areas your office could be making you sick at are:

Problem Area #1: The area where you rest your hands on your office desk has an average of 10,000,000 bacteria!

Just because you avoid the sick person at the office it does not mean that your own desk is free of germs in fact your desk may actually be making you sick.

Problem Area #2: The office computer keyboard and mouse you touch with your fingers everyday has an average of 6000 bacteria per square inch!

The office keyboard and mouse is in constant contact with your fingers and if you share your desk as is the case with many people who work customer service jobs the germs will quickly spread.

Before you start your shift wipe down your mouse, keyboard and phone with disinfectant wipes.

Problem Area #3: The office telephone you touch to your face and mouth to every day has an average of 25,000 bacteria on the mouth and ear parts! This area is often not cleaned by Fort Lauderdale commercial cleaning services.

Problem Area #4: DO THIS QUICK TEST NOW: Look at your telephone ear and mouth set and you will see bacteria laden smudges that the cleaning crew never cleans. Yuck!!! A common area many cleaning services in South Florida miss.

Problem Area #5: 77 percent of workers say they come to work sick. Cold and flu viruses can on any common workplace surface that someone touches (such as door knobs, refrigerator handles, counter tops, pens, copy machine and elevator buttons, etc) for up to 72 hours and can cause you to become infected with the virus for up to 3 days from exposure with a contaminated surface.

Spare your coworkers the misery of being sick and do not come to the office if you are not feeling well.

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