The Benefits of Having a Day Porter

Picture this: You are on your lunch break, walk outside expecting to get a little fresh air and some much needed time away from your desk, but the first thing you see is an overflowing trashcan. Unfortunately, this situation is much too common and will oftentimes bring down the overall morale of your staff and clients.

At A&S Total Cleaning we have just the thing to avoid such situations and keep your business productive and inviting.

Our daytime Porter services will not only prevent unfortunate situations, such as an overflowing trashcan, it will also consistently keep your facility looking pristine, both inside and out.

Having a day porter on site is great for many reasons, including:

  1. Immediate response to emergency clean up situations—spills, leaks, overflows, etc.
  2. Bathrooms, break rooms and common areas will be kept clean, hygienic, stocked and presentable throughout the day
  3. Trash will be maintained, avoiding any overflow at the end of the day
  4. Outside Porters are able to patrol the grounds, and keep them trash and debris free
  5. Immediate reporting of any liability issues on premises such as illegal dumping, pot holes, broken car stops, etc.

The bottom line is, if you want to impress your clients and maintain a productive workforce, a day porter is the answer to your problems; however, if you are still not convinced, consider this:

In an article written by Jean Hanson, I.C.E. she states that, “In a study of 400 managers and employees conducted by HLW International LLP, employees’ productivity levels were determined to be heavily influenced by the cleanliness of the office in which they worked. A clean office produced quantifiable results when it came to employee productivity. They reported a 5% productivity gain ($125,000) in a 100-employee office.”

A clean office and work environment is not only good for your employees, it also gives your clients a good impression and an idea of what they can expect from you.

A clean workspace can increase your employee’s productivity, mood and will give them an added reason to enjoy coming to work in the morning. It will also save you money by keeping your employees healthy and saving on sick days.

Almost anyone can agree that a clean space, puts a smile on the face! First impressions may not always be the most important, but they do leave a lasting memory of an experience that can either be really good or really bad. Let us help you make lasting first impressions!

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Written by: Katie Rodriguez