The Top 3 Cleaning Myths

Effective, safe and cost efficient cleaning isn’t as easy as most people assume. Even within the professional community, many cleaning myths exist that perpetuate misconceptions about proper methods and procedures. Below, I’ve outlined a few cleaning myths I hear most often.

Myth #1 – Individual Products Are Required To Clean Each Different Area   

Products are typically formulated to handle one particular cleaning job. We suggest deploying effective multipurpose cleaning products that can handle a wide range of surface types and, in turn, help simplify cleaning routines by reducing the number of products needed to effectively clean and disinfect.

Myth #2 – It Looks Clean, So It Must Be Clean

Keeping facilities looking aesthetically clean is certainly important, but the goal of any effective cleaning program should be to remove all soils that harbor and provide a breeding ground for germs. A well-planned cleaning/disinfecting regimen can reduce the transmission of infectious diseases, while positively impacting aesthetics by improving appearance and reducing odors.

Myth #3 – Everyone Knows How to Clean

The step-by-step procedures required for cleaning the wide range of areas within professional facilities is far more complex than cleaning a home. Effective hands-on training, followed by consistent feedback and positive reinforcement is the best way to ensure staff is educated on how to clean effectively and efficiently.

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