What does your business look like to customers ?

The exterior of your business is as important as the inside—perhaps even more so, as it’s what ultimately persuades customers to either stay away or come inside. That’s why it’s essential to keep the exterior of your business clean by hiring a skilled porter service. But what exactly do porters do?

  • Groundskeeping

Whether you’re part of a small business, a homeowner’s association, or a shopping center, you have a image to maintain. A professional porter service can come to your place of business and replace outdoor light bulbs, wipe down any cobwebbed exteriors, and perform a whole host of other essential groundskeeping and maintenance tasks.

  • Trash and Waste Removal

Trash will always accumulate in front of your place of business, whether it’s due to the wind or careless customers. Since you’re busy dealing with matters inside, you should hire a porter service to remove both the trash that has been thrown away in the proper receptacles and the debris that has been carelessly cast on the parking lot or other grounds. A porter service will even regularly scrape the gum off the sidewalk!

  • Pressure Cleaning

Over time, sidewalks, awnings, and exterior walls accumulate a level of filth that becomes both unsightly and unhealthy. Using pressure cleaning, a professional porter can carefully and expertly remove the grime and mold from your building’s exterior so your clients will see a clean place to do business with.

  • Regular Service

A lot can change in a week, or even a day. When you hire a porter service on a one-time basis, you’ll notice that the filth returns before too long. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a porter service to come weekly or even daily if your business sees a lot of traffic.

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