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Just as the body needs the immune system for optimal wellness, your organization needs a trusted cleaning company to quickly respond to everything from viral and bacterial mitigation to premises liability threats. Our full spectrum facility hygiene management solutions help building owners and facility managers better protect lives and livelihoods. This relationship could not be more important to the health of your building, your business, and the bodies who inhabit it.

Full Spectrum Cleaning in a Post-Covid World

At Total Cleaning, we understand your commercial cleaning needs aren’t what they were when we first started in 1989. They aren’t even the same as your needs eight months ago. That’s why we’re expanding our services to include a full spectrum of professional hygiene management solutions for public and commercial facilities. This incorporates cleaning, disinfection, and hygiene risk mitigation planning and training.

As part of our evolution, we’re offering free consultation and site risk assessments to educate help clients reduce liability from people becoming injured or ill at their facilities. This fall, we’re also launching a GBAC certification program to train our client’s staff and third-party janitorial teams on how to effectively prevent the spread of diseases on-premise. In conjunction with our current cleaning and disinfection services, we will now deliver total hygiene risk-management solutions for every business need.

Boosting Immunity for Your Building, Your Business, and the Bodies Inside

Did you know one contaminated doorknob can infect up to 50% of patrons in your building in less than four hours? Similar studies find that 75% of sink faucet handles and half of all computer mice and desk phones exhibit high levels of contamination. In general, when your building gets infected, your people get sick. And when your people get sick, your business may suffer from forced closures, operational delays, and even lawsuits. With total hygiene management solutions, we provide the immunity boost your organization needs to maintain operations in the midst of a fast-spreading disease pandemic.

We’ve made it our mission to proactively mitigate the threat while also being available to swiftly react if an outbreak occurs. We’re here to protect your lives and livelihood through outsourced cleaning and disinfection services, consultations, and advanced training for your staff.

Delivering Value Through Hygiene Risk-Management Solutions

Whether we’re training your team, conducting a site risk assessment and consultation, or delivering hands-on cleaning and disinfecting your facility, we’re providing real value to your operations. Through effective hygiene management solutions from Total Cleaning, you receive protection from health hazards while mitigating your liability. You also benefit from the aesthetics of a perfectly polished building. The proof is in the research:

  • Health hazards lead to absenteeism and reduced quality of work, which costs much more than you’ll pay in direct medical expenses—approximately $1,685 per employee to be exact. Studies show that commercial cleaning can slash absenteeism in half!
  • Liability can affect your operations because you face significant costs if someone becomes sick in your building and decides to sue. That’s why our team offers free site risk assessments to review and advise on how to mitigate every potential threat you face.
  • Compliance with municipal, state, and federal regulations is critical during the COVID-19 pandemic when your business is vulnerable to penalties. To boost your immunity against such threats, you need evidence that you’re enlisting proper cleaning and disinfection procedures and technologies.
  • Aesthetics matter for every type of business. In fact, 95% of shoppers choose which stores to enter based solely on the exterior appearance. Even more alarming, 94% of adults will actually avoid your business if they run into a dirty bathroom. Luckily, hygiene management is your best protection from tarnishing your brand image.

Our Expanded Service Disciplines

As we continue the evolution of Total Cleaning, our expanded service lines include the following disciplines:

The Bottom Line

Facility cleaning is no longer a simple line item in your yearly budget. In the COVID-19 era, a clean and sanitized building is critical for your business to stay open, and for your employees and customers to feel safe. We understand the impact hygiene management can have on your business. That’s why we’ve evolved our commercial cleaning business to offer a full spectrum of consultative, training, and professional services. By partnering with Total Cleaning, you can mitigate hygiene-related risks and remain laser-focused on your core operations.

Contact us today for a free consultation and site risk assessment.

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