Robots. Coming soon to a carpet or floor near you.

Robots that clean were once considered the stuff of futuristic Sunday cartoons. Now Roombas and other robotic floor cleaning machines are wildly popular and quite commonplace in homes all around the world. These small robots are excellent at doing mundane, repetitive tasks, like vacuuming, freeing their human owners up to do cleaning tasks that require more dexterity and skill. Or just freeing their owners up to sit on the sofa with a cold one and watch TV. Whatever the case, it was clear that these small domestic devices could make life a whole lot easier—and cleaner—with ease.

The commercial robot cleaning revolution.

Clearly, it was only a matter of time before these highly efficient and productive robots found themselves put to work in the commercial and industrial cleaning space. Today, bigger, more efficient, and more capable evolutions of the humble Roomba are making sweeping changes (excuse the pun) in the commercial cleaning industry. In fact, the cleaning robot market is currently $10B+ and expected to grow considerably as more and more companies discover the advantages of adding robotic co-workers to their cleaning crews.

Replaced by a robot?

As for the age-old science fiction belief that robots will eventually replace humans in the workplace. Experts believe this will never happen because human beings will always be needed to accomplish higher-skill cleaning tasks which require decision-making, talent, fine manual dexterity, creativity, and ironically, a little difficult thing to define called “the human touch.”

Robots: an addition, an advantage.

But robots do have advantages that should make them a welcome addition to any commercial cleaning team. They make great co-workers in that they are excellent at doing highly repetitive and mundane tasks which might make a human burn out or get tired of a job. So, in that respect, they improve employee retention in an industry where turnover is known to be extremely high. And better employee retention leads to higher morale and a more efficient and productive cleaning crew, which in turn leads to happier customers. Other advantages? Robots reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by human error since they’re programmed for tight parameters, never tire, and are engineered to handle working for long periods of time. As touched on previously, robot cleaning machines are excellent at repetitive, redundant tasks (like sweeping and mopping), freeing up human co-workers to put their time on the job into accomplishing more difficult, more specialized (and more noticeable) cleaning tasks which make the cleaning company shine in the eyes of the customer and on the cleaning company’s bottom line.

Total Cleaning becomes even more efficient.

So why are we, at Total Cleaning, keeping you apprised of all these industry developments in commercial robotic cleaning? Because soon, you may be noticing a robot cleaning member of our team right in your very building. A cutting-edge and highly efficient shiny new member of our dedicated cleaning crew tirelessly ensuring your building is clean to our highest standards. In fact, you can see photos of our newest addition on this very page. It’s a robot enlisted to help us do a better, more efficient job of servicing our clients’ needs. And that’s what it’s really all about for us at Total Cleaning.

Request a cleaning assessment.

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