Tesla Takes Total Cleaning National
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Consistency has been the foundation of Total Cleaning’s success since 1989. It’s how we’ve established such a strong presence throughout Florida. And while Tesla was drawn to this high level of predictability and accountability, it was our adaptability that they were really counting on.

Tesla was seeking a new provider – a single source who could standardize cleaning processes and protocols across their multiple stores throughout the country. We rose to the challenge. We started with one facility in Arizona. To ensure our quality and processes were consistent with our Florida crews, we tapped into our strategic network through BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Association International) to assemble a Total Cleaning crew and management with the same certified training and commitment to excellence through quality scores and performance surveys.

Proving ourselves in Arizona, Tesla was ready to make Total Cleaning their source for an additional 49 locations. Again, we quickly identified certified team members in areas throughout the country who were proficient with the same equipment, processes, and products to blend naturally into our productivity-focused approach.

Each of the stores had various needs. We were able to consistently achieve the desired efficiencies from work orders, data collection, and SLR (Service Level Response). We ramped up quickly to deliver on all the requirements of maintaining these high-end locations, from volume and frequency to disciplines and detailed reporting.

Whether we’re starting a new partnership or linking up with familiar faces, Total Cleaning is always in sync with what the client needs and the job demands.

“The key to consistency is to take it one project at a time,” Wolf said. “That’s how you build something meant to last.”

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