Meet Michael Loewenstein, Area Manager, Porter Division
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Hi Michael. What do you do as Area Manager for the Porter Division?

I oversee all our porters. A porter cleans around a place’s exterior, such as a shopping center, homeowners association, etc. And they will perform various duties such as picking up cigarette butts, wiping out trash cans, changing garbage bags, picking up paper in the bushes, and so on, which is a little different than what the bulk of the businesses is at Total Cleaning. Total cleaning is primarily known for janitorial, cleaning offices, hospitals, schools, temples, churches, etc.

What’s the best part about working at Total Cleaning?

I like the systems that they have in place for servicing new contracts and following up with customers. There are a lot of checks and balances that allow us to deliver a great product and communicate with customers.

Have you worked for other cleaning companies in the past?

Yes. Before this, I did exterior cleaning of shopping centers. I did work for Publix, Target, Walmart, and BestBuy. I sent out trucks at night to power sweep, blow the sidewalks and clean the parking lots. I also did pressure cleaning, bulk trash removal, etc.

What would you tell someone who might want to work for Total Cleaning?

I would encourage them since we value our employees. For example, we have an employee of the month award along with a gift certificate. We also recognize team members who have been here for five years by giving them a certificate and a cash bonus. It’s just one of the many ways Total Cleaning appreciates you as an employee and what you bring to the table. One supervisor had her tenth anniversary, and they gave her a check for a thousand dollars, threw a party, and bought lunch for the team. So, it’s very nice since they don’t have to do that, but it’s important for employees to know the company cares. 

Have you seen that some people stay there quite a bit longer than what might be average at a cleaning company?

Yes, some people have been here a long time.  

Do you think that’s true of other cleaning companies?

No. Total Cleaning pays more, so we get a better-quality candidate that will stay longer. 

Do you have any hobbies or interests you want to share with us?

I like to bike, play pickleball, and go to the beach in my spare time. I also officiate college and High School lacrosse. I’ve been doing it for almost 40 years now. Yesterday I was in Davie officiating a game, I have a game on Saturday, and I have a college game at Lynn University—so it keeps me busy during the Spring season. I went to a private school, was a goalie, and then played in college. After college, I decided I wanted to stay involved in the game, and that’s when I began officiating. It’s just sort of a passion of mine. I really like teaching the kids and enjoy working with them.

Great! Well, I believe that’s all our questions. We appreciate your time Michael; thanks.

My pleasure.

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