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Whether you’re a general contractor, developer, property manager, or decorator you expect a commercial cleaning company to get your construction project “move-in ready.” Today that means the property is thoroughly cleaned AND sanitized.

With over 30 years of commercial cleaning experience in South Florida, we know what it takes to get a post-construction project ready for prime time, from tenant improvements and renovations to new ground up construction. That means not only sparkling aesthetics but also a disinfected and safe place for everyone who walks through the door.

Our post-construction cleaning crew touches every surface

Our priority is to provide an impeccable cleaning service that leaves high-touch and hard to reach areas brand-spanking new clean. We thoroughly scrub surfaces after removing dirt, dust, and debris from areas such as:

  • Sliding glass doors, frames, and tracks
  • Tubs, showers, tile walls, vanities, sinks, and toilets
  • Appliances
  • Kitchen cabinets and countertops
  • Mirrors
  • Doors and woodwork
  • All floors, balconies, and carpets

Our customized solutions go beyond cleaning

  1. We get rid of the trash. One of the unique services we offer is trash-hauling to remove products that construction crews may have left behind. As part of our enhanced offerings, we can pick up large items like couches or leftover debris.
  2. We’re certified to disinfect. Our team is certified in the Global Biorisk Advisory Council’s outbreak prevention, which means we know how to sanitize against bacterial and viral threats, including COVID-19. This keeps workers safe, job sites operational, and on schedule.
  3. We go deep. At Total Cleaning, we also offer solutions, such as pressure-cleaning, window cleaning, marble floor polishing, floor stripping, and deep carpet cleaning.

Regardless of the place, we never leave a building until it’s clean enough to put your silverware in the drawers.

How we guarantee high-quality service for every post-construction client

At Total Cleaning, we only assign crews who have the necessary training and supervision to deliver a higher standard of post-construction cleaning. All of our technicians are vetted contractors who have passed the proper background checks, and always wear uniforms on job sites. We take hiring seriously because the people we hire must buy into our culture of integrity, accountability and consistency.

Here’s what you can count on when hiring Total Cleaning:

  • Vetted talent. Our HR department conducts a thorough vetting process for all frontline workers, including background checks and multiple rounds of interviews. Following each hire, we also conduct proactive training and instruction tailored to each property type. From government buildings that require technicians to pass background checks to children’s hospitals, which require safety inspections and health protocols, we work with various clients with sensitive security needs.
  • Trained talent. Every member of our cleaning teams, including their supervisors, go through a rigorous training program. From OSHA workplace safety and health compliance to the latest in cleaning equipment training, techniques and protocols, Total Cleaning team members are the most thoroughly trained in the industry.
  • Professional at all times. We offer well-managed and trained cleaning teams that arrive in-uniform, with ID badges, and equipped with hard hats where needed.
  • Consistent service. We do our best to give repeat-clients the same cleaning crew each time to ensure consistent, high-quality cleanings.
  • Strict accountability. To ensure we’re always performing to the level our clients expect, our construction cleaning supervisors perform regular inspections and keep clients informed of the progress using collaborative tools.
  • ­­Trust and safety. We know how important security is to our clients. That’s why we use technology to monitor our teams remotely. Our technicians are trained to take pictures of every room after each cleaning and upload them to our remote monitoring application. Once completed, our supervisors review the activity and send results directly to the client.
  • Speed of service and response times are also crucial. With 450 employees and 75 subcontractors, we manage the staffing to be fast and flexible. For example, if a custom homebuilder scheduled a walk-through for the following day and depends on us to make the sale, we do everything possible to send a crew that afternoon. On the flip side, when clients face an unexpected delay, we’ll reschedule without charging fees.

For every reason above, we’ve had the privilege of serving many of the biggest names in South Florida commercial and residential construction for the last 30 years. 

We leverage technology to optimize client communication

 If we notice any deficiencies, our administrative team communicates the issues to our clients first. For every project, we send a hyperlink that allows customers to file complaints or submit special requests. This, in turn, creates a work ticket and call-to-action that we address within 24 hours.

Our rating system also allows clients to comment on the overall experience, including how our team performed and anything they can do better in the future. We want to take every opportunity to improve our services and exceed clients’ expectations.

We make it easy to work with us

We provide free post-construction cleaning quotes based on several factors, including the square footage of the property, surfaces, hard to reach areas, equipment and personnel needed. We’ll come on site at our cost to properly assess the exact conditions and needs to get the job done right the first time. From there we will quickly produce and submit a custom quote. All quotes are reviewed by phone or in person so we have an opportunity to answer questions and put you in the best position possible to make an informed decision.

Contact our team at Total Cleaning today to get started on a free quote.

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