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“A lot of commercial cleaning companies quickly select and hire, but they don’t invest in employee development or training. We do. That’s why we have the highest retention rates and the best customer service in the industry” –  Patricia Palacios-Colon, Total Cleaning HR Director.

Total Cleaning made the decision years ago never to race against low-cost competitors. Rock-bottom pricing without investment in the employee experience is a losing strategy that diminishes the customer experience and ultimately increases turnover. Instead, Total Cleaning created a culture built on valuing, educating, and inspiring its team to grow along with the organization. By investing in ongoing training, education, and benefits, Total Cleaning has nurtured an engaged workforce with the knowledge and skills to protect South Florida businesses, buildings, and people from viral and bacterial threats.


If commercial cleaning companies want to guarantee a superior customer experience, they must deliver an exceptional employee experience. Research shows companies that have a track record for stellar customer service have 60% more engaged workers and outperform competitors by 147%. Starbucks, Costco, and JetBlue are just a few standout examples of customer-centric organizations that inspire employees with training and benefits. Costco, for example, known for eternally friendly associates, was named the top place to work in 2017. Companies with a highly engaged workforce also report a higher income per employee of 218%. That’s a win-win-win, and it all comes down to investing in education, mentoring, skills and development, and promoting positive corporate values.

On the other hand, when employees feel apathetic towards their jobs, customers face the consequences of reduced performance. In the commercial cleaning world, especially in today’s COVID climate, businesses can’t afford to hire companies with poorly trained staff. The cost of erring is far too high.


“When there are budget cuts, organizations usually cut training programs first. At Total Cleaning, we continued investing even in the worst part of the pandemic when we didn’t know what to expect. At Total Cleaning, we decided we wanted to train every employee, no matter the cost,” – Patricia Palacios-Colon.

A recent Udemy survey revealed 42% of employees felt learning and development opportunities were the most important aspects of choosing where to work. That’s why Total Cleaning’s corporate values are deeply rooted in driving professional growth within the organization. By proactively supporting employee skills and knowledge, Total Cleaning has drastically reduced turnover compared to the cleaning industry standard of 150%. That type of revolving door makes it very difficult for many commercial cleaners to offer clients consistency and peace of mind. In contrast, Total Cleaning’s turnover is half the industry standard, which drives greater productivity, performance, and reliability.

These are just a few ways Total Cleaning invests:

  • A recruitment process that cultivates career-oriented individuals who are passionate about exceeding customer expectations and providing a worry-free experience.
  • Strategic one-year onboarding based on culture, performance, and cleaning processes.
  • Onboarding checkpoints with new hires at 30, 60, 90, and 180 days to be sure they are happy and engaged.
  • Ongoing training programs in new cleaning methods, safety, certifications, and technology, allowing every team member to advance in their career.
  • Full benefits and perks, including insurance, employee appreciation, referral and retention bonuses, and employee of the month program.
  • Stay interviews twice a year to gain feedback and promote employee retention. 


Total Cleaning never hires temps or contract workers in South Florida. It recruits part-time and full-time employees who want to earn a reputable living and grow long-term within the organization. Total Cleaning only accepts trustworthy applicants who pass a phone screening, background checks, and multiple interviews before beginning the year-long onboarding process.

From day one, new hires receive a warm welcome and work closely with their supervisor to learn about Total Cleaning’s teamwork and accountability culture. Developing strong relationships from the start is critical to inspire enduring commitment. Total Cleaning hosts team-building events, career mentoring sessions, expectations and feedback discussions, and extensive orientation training to ensure each new hire feels comfortable and genuinely cared for.

Moreover, all employees undergo training as per the Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) Standards giving businesses peace of mind that Total Cleaning can effectively keep their building spotless while preventing viral outbreaks. After the initial onboarding, Total Cleaning pairs its new technicians with experienced cleaning professionals to guide them on the job, so businesses never have a service gap. After one year at Total Cleaning, field managers, supervisors, and team leads undergo the ISSA Cleaning Management Institute’s (CMI) Basic Custodial Technician Program. As part of this three-day event, employees learn:

  • Pandemic proofing restrooms & high-touch areas
  • Hard floor care identification
  • Dealing with COVID and improving mindset
  • The value of clean for businesses
  • First-rate customer service strategies
  • The chemistry of cleaning
  • Above floor care, carpet care, and hard floor care

Following the Basic Custodial Certification, all team leaders undergo ISSA’s Advanced Certification, which covers delicate floor care. 


In addition to extensive training for its commercial team, Total Cleaning invests in specialized training for its dedicated healthcare team, known as Environmental Services (EVS). To ensure private medical facilities, hospitals, and outpatient centers are protected, Total Cleaning’s EVS professionals must understand enhanced infection prevention, new compliance requirements, and heightened patron protection. All healthcare cleaning and disinfection pros meet the following criteria:

  • Trained in terminal cleaning, blood-borne pathogens, cross-contamination prevention, and biohazardous material handling.
  • Can effectively disinfect high-touch surfaces with EPA-approved and hospital-grade broad-spectrum disinfectants.
  • Understands the biology of microorganisms and the chemistry of cleaning products.
  • Knows how to properly mix solutions to prevent residue buildup and toxic chemical emissions.
  • Stays up-to-date with the latest healthcare cleaning protocols.


Data shows that nearly 70% of employees are not engaged on the job. Yet so many commercial cleaning companies fail to invest in an empowered workforce. Why? Creating an engaged workforce requires more than a bare minimum HR strategy. It’s more than just salary and baseline benefits. It requires investing significant resources into professionally developing every employee, from technicians to managers and executives.

Companies like Total Cleaning, which does this well, make their employees feel valued, competent, and respected for their work. Total Cleaning equips its staff with a higher level of cleaning chemistry knowledge and the tools to keep buildings beautiful, businesses protected, and people safe from harmful viruses and bacteria through its training and development strategy.

Commercial cleaning companies who don’t invest in training and development risk making costly mistakes to human health and property, such as:

  • Leaving doors unlocked
  • Violating patient privacy laws
  • Cross contaminating surfaces
  • Improperly mixing chemicals
  • Damaging floors and carpets
  • Incorrectly using PPE and cleaning equipment


In its 30+ years supporting South Florida’s businesses, Total Cleaning quickly realized the only way to deliver consistency, reliability, and trustworthiness was by investing in its culture, its people, and their career development. In fact, Total Cleaning has cross-trained and promoted cleaning specialists to supervisors, area managers, client relationship managers, and sales professionals. Hiring and nurturing talent comes at an upfront cost, but the benefits far exceed the price. Happy employees make happy customers, and happy customers make happy employees. It’s beautifully simple.

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