Coronavirus Sanitization and Disinfection Cleaning Services

Boost the Infection Protection of Your Facility

Amidst the spread of COVID-19, states and local officials in Florida are enacting curfews, closing non-essential businesses, and telling people to stay home. But as the world faces an isolated reality, the people within it must still eat, keep their homes running, see their doctors, and travel when necessary. That means critical businesses must continue operating while guaranteeing employees remain safe and preventing further spread of the virus. These vital companies need advanced disinfection protocols to supplement current cleaning methods that truly mitigate the risks of transmission. In the face of Coronavirus, A&S Total Cleaning’s Environmental Services Division (EVS) offers immediate sanitization and disinfection services for Florida’s hospitals, distribution centers, supermarkets, government buildings and many more essential businesses.

Elevating Our Response to COVID-19

Standard janitorial cleaning will not do enough to kill COVID-19 pathogens, which can live on hard surfaces for up to 9 days. In fact, conventional cleaning methods can accidentally cross contaminate areas that were previously virus-free. This is a risk that essential businesses simply cannot take. That’s why we created a systematic approach to infection prevention that utilizes hospital-grade equipment with the strongest, safest chemicals approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This Environmental Services division was originally created under the guidance of Nery Saez, our Director of Environmental Services (EVS), to meet the enhanced disinfection standards of our medical clients. However amidst the Coronavirus crisis outbreak, we’re utilizing these advanced protocols to protect not just Florida’s essential businesses but any facility that wants to protect their employees and customers while putting their minds at ease.

Here’s how we’re delivering immediate service to all South Florida organizations in need:

Free Rapid On-Site Evaluation.

We understand that time is not a luxury businesses can afford right now. That’s why we’re working overtime to send trained technicians to buildings for rapid evaluations. We can dispatch a specialist quickly for a free on-site assessment of your facility with quick estimate turnaround.

Sanitization proposals and plan implementation.

From warehouses to doctor’ offices to grocery stores, every brick & mortar company has vastly different infrastructure that requires a unique sanitization plan. Our trained staff will review every surface floor to ceiling and provide a sanitization and disinfection plan of action for the initial kill and ongoing prevention.

Once the plan is approved, we immediately dispatch our trained staff to sanitize and disinfect the building while we schedule ongoing preventative cleanings to mitigate the risk of outbreak. We work 24/7.

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How We Kill COVID-19 & Future Outbreaks

Medical-grade sanitization plans and proactive prevention methods are vital to mitigate the risk of an outbreak. That’s why we utilize powerful, yet safe cleaning chemicals and touchless disinfection systems that kill cold and flu viruses like COVID-19, along with bacteria like E.coli and salmonella. Our advanced equipment disinfects all hot spots, even hard-to-reach places like air vents. The safer staff members feel, the more they can focus on productivity.

Our specialized technicians are certified in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A.)  and trained in National Safety Council BloodBorne Pathogen protocols. With 30 years in business, we understand how to create comprehensive disinfecting plans for every type of business.

Businesses We Work With

From doctor’s offices, government buildings, warehouses, and call centers, to shipping and distribution centers and public transportation facilities, our expert technicians inspect every room in every building. We don’t just clean, we sanitize and disinfect every single high-touch point:

  • Desktops, tables, ledges and chairs
  • Doors and handles
  • Telephones & remotes
  • Paper towel and toilet paper dispensers
  • Hand dryers and sinks
  • Exam room tables
  • Bed rails and counters
  • Patient monitoring equipment
  • Any surface, anywhere in the building

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Our Methods Go Beyond Janitorial Cleaning

Standard cleaning materials can accidentally do more harm than good. For instance, if a custodial staff member wipes down a toilet that was cross-contaminated with Coronavirus and uses the same cleaning tool to wipe down the sinks, he or she can accidentally spread the virus. That’s why we strictly adhere to advanced protocols using color-coded microfiber towels for different surfaces. This specialized material traps pathogenic particles and holds on tightly so they are not accidentally redistributed.

Additionally, standard cleaning equipment cannot sanitize hard-to-reach areas like air vents where COVID-19 can live. That’s why we use a touchless electrostatic disinfecting gun, filled with medical-grade sanitizers to eliminate pathogens from floor to ceiling.

Total Infection Prevention

A sound sanitization strategy requires repetitive action to prevent the ongoing risk of contamination from employees and goods. For example, staff members may become infected any day after they leave the office. Without knowing they’re infected, these employees may return with the virus and cross contaminate the clean surfaces in the building. Along with employees, contaminated shipments also present an ongoing source of risk. That’s why it’s so important for Florida’s essential businesses to implement vigilant prevention plans that incorporate regular onsite cleanings.

Case Study: How Crowley Stays Open in the Face of Uncertainty

Crowley Maritime Corporation is the 13th largest company in Florida, providing an essential service as a marine solutions, transportation, and logistics company. Amidst the spread of COVID-19, Crowley immediately changed its travel policies and instituted remote work systems for every possible employee. Unfortunately however, many of Crowley’s 5,300 staff members must continue working onsite, including those managing cargo arrivals from the ports of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

While these employees continue to provide essential services, Crowley wanted to be sure their safety was first priority. Additionally, Crowley wanted to take measures to ensure that employees did not receive contaminated shipments and accidentally pass them on to local businesses. That’s why their leadership coordinated with A&S to implement a pandemic sanitization and prevention plan. Today, Crowley remains operational and outbreak free. More importantly, its employees feel safer with Total Cleaning’s Environmental Services team sanitizing the building throughout the day.

Every business operates differently, which is why we immediately dispatch trained technicians to assess a facility before recommending a disinfection plan. At A&S Total Cleaning, our promise is to deliver tailored, professional services and proven disinfecting methods to tackle coronavirus head on. Call us now to schedule a free, same day on-site COVID-19 sanitization evaluation.

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