To help your business safely reopen and stay open during the COVID pandemic, we launched a new program that verifies that your business has met CDC, Federal, and State of Florida requirements for infection control disinfection cleaning. As South Florida’s leader in enhanced cleaning and disinfection services, we are now offering companies a Pro Disinfection Certificate of Treatment to show how serious you are about protecting the health and safety of your employees and customers.


According to the National Retail Federation, signage that illustrates what your business is doing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 can inspire confidence and build morale. Our Pro Disinfected seal signifies that a business is backed by our Site Risk Assessment plans and protocols for indoor air quality, infection control, and emergency response/recovery services. This is especially important as immunologist experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci are warning of a COVID-19 resurgence in the fall.


Making people feel safe is paramount in a climate where 73.6% of consumers say they plan to avoid certain public places post lockdown. It’s especially important as new cases continue to rise in South Florida. Despite nearing Phase 3 of reopening, the number of new cases per day continues to set record highs.


In fact many experts such as renowned immunologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci said a second wave is likely to occur if public places don’t reopen carefully. This means businesses like yours have a responsibility to ensure your facility is clean and safe, while mitigating the risk of future contamination.


How you act now is vital to protect your employees and customers. When you invest in their health and safety, they should know this. Seeing is the key to knowing. Knowing is the key to getting your business back on track. That’s why we launched an enhanced cleaning and disinfection program that incorporates advanced decontamination and biohazard training from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council. Once you complete our advanced treatment program, we will provide you with a “Pro Disinfected” vinyl decal for display on your door or window for all to see. In addition, your business will receive a dated certificate of treatment to display inside for all to see.


Our program meets CDC, Federal and State of Florida requirements to ensure your surfaces are effectively wiped of all bacterial and viral pathogens. Because we think it’s important to offer a higher level of cleanliness to put your employees at ease, and inspire customers to return.

“We feel a responsibility to help get south Florida’s economy growing again. To do that, employees and shoppers need to see that offices, restaurants, retailers, gyms, and production facilities are investing in their health and safety,” says Total Cleaning President, Todd Wolf.

A&S Total Cleaning’s Disinfection Treatment Program helps you prevent viral transmission, and gives your business tools to respond and recover from potential contamination. Once completed, the disinfection treatment certificate you receive gives employees and visitors visual proof that the facility has been sanitized to the highest standards. With signage, your customers and employees will know:

  • You are maintaining strict cleaning protocols for infectious disease.
  • You are using best practices to limit the impact of outbreaks.
  • You are prioritizing the safety of building occupants above all else.


If you choose a one-time enhanced cleaning and disinfection treatment, you’ll receive our official Pro Disinfected Treatment vinyl window decal along with a downloadable treatment certificate that includes the name of your business and the date of treatment to be displayed inside.

If you choose ongoing enhanced cleaning and disinfection services for the most effective risk prevention, you’ll receive our official Pro Disinfected Treatment vinyl window decal and, after each treatment, a new framed certificate with the most recent treatment date. This will allow you to visually display your continuous commitment to safety and guarantee employees and customers feel comfortable entering the building – now and in the future.

Any size or type of facility is eligible including …

  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Convention Centers
  • Retail Spaces
  • Commercial Offices
  • Schools & Daycare Centers
  • Athletic and Fitness Clubs
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Doctor’s Offices & Clinics
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Personal Care & Spas
  • Buses, Trains, Planes, Automobiles
  • Church & Religious Buildings
  • Grocery Stores

How to Get Started

To receive a window seal and printable certificate of treatment, you need to either be an ongoing enhanced disinfection and cleaning services client or hire A&S Total Cleaning to provide enhanced cleaning and disinfection and cleaning services.

Let’s start by scheduling a free on-site Infection Risk Assessment. We’ll visit your facility to properly assess how we will protect lives and livelihoods by controlling the spread of pathogens and improve the overall environmental health of your facility.

Our seal on your wall says it all because we are one of the only South Florida companies certified by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) with supervisors and cleaning technicians trained to follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) protocols.

Contact us today to schedule your free on-site Risk Assessment.

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