Exterior Commercial Cleaning Services

It’s always been important to maintain a hygienic environment, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Total Cleaning offers even more: a partner in safety. “We are an extension of businesses that want a risk-free, clean, and well-maintained building. We are their right hand,” says Todd Wolf, owner of Total Cleaning.

How is cleaning related to safety? When an injury occurs because of negligent maintenance, the business owner or property management company could be held liable in court.

Broken steps, loose handrails, and inadequate lighting are all things that could lead to injuries. Exterior maintenance is just as important as keeping your building clean on the inside — and that’s why a full-service cleaning company that covers both the exterior and interior can prevent problems before they become full-blown hazards. “We are the eyes and ears for businesses,” Wolf says.

What Does “Exterior Porter Services” Entail?

When you work with a company like Total Cleaning, you get the benefit of its specialty exterior cleaning services and handyman skills. “We work with a lot of shopping centers and industrial properties,” Wolf says. “We perform a range of tasks, from walking the area and picking up trash and debris, to emptying garbage cans and cleaning windows, to removing graffiti or fixing a broken bench. We are their porters in the morning and their maintenance crew in the afternoon.”

Porter services, which are completed before tenants show up in the morning, include:

  • Picking up palm fronds, trash, and other debris
  • Emptying trash cans, cigarette butts, and dumpster areas
  • Cleaning windowsills and frames, and removing cobwebs
  • Preparing and cleaning out vacant spaces before new tenants move in

Handyman services and regular maintenance include:

  • Fixing street signs, potholes, and curbs
  • Replacing bulbs in exterior lights and exit signs, and changing out fluorescent lights
  • Low-voltage electrical services
  • Power washing sidewalks, walkways, and solar panels
  • Removing algae and mold from exterior walls
  • Cleaning windows and painting
  • Handling trash removal and dumping, and preventing illegal dumping

About the only thing out of scope is intense electrical or plumbing work, in which a professional in that field would be called in.

When Exterior Porter Services Come in Handy

Exterior porter services offer constant eyes on the property and continuous liability inspections. “We offer a slew of handyman services where we identify liabilities,” Wolf says. “For example, the building may need to post a safety sign, have a loose handrail fixed, or it may need a curb painted yellow, so guests know where to park.”

Just one damaged step, loose floor tile, or burned-out exit sign can open the door to potential injuries and a premises liability lawsuit. Slip-and-fall victims have successfully sued businesses and won millions due to poorly maintained buildings, such as this case in which a hotel employee slipped on debris and fell down a metal staircase.

Security issues are another major liability for business owners. This is an area where companies like Total Cleaning can provide an additional set of eyes and ears. “We could see if a tenant prematurely vacated a building, or notice if a window has been smashed,” Wolf says. “Every day, we continuously walk through the area, making sure there’s nothing broken and watching out for illegal activities, such as illegal trash dumping. We send photos of possible liabilities and work with the building owner to determine what to do.”

Why Businesses Should Outsource Porter Services

By leaving building maintenance to the professionals, business owners can prioritize the health and safety of their employees and customers, which will positively impact their bottom line.

“Rather than deal with the constant work involved with cleaning and maintenance, businesses can spend their time better by focusing on their customers and growing their business,” Wolf says. “We built Total Cleaning on the premise that organizations can be infinitely more successful when they can focus on their core purpose.”

Also, most businesses don’t have the expertise and resources to handle their own maintenance and handyman services while still being cost-effective and safe.

“It’s expensive to hire, manage, train, and retain cleaning technicians,” Wolf says. “High employee turnover rates and inconsistent service can lead to problems. There are too many risks if an employee misses potential liabilities or fixes things improperly.”

Why Hire Total Cleaning Professional Porters?

If businesses want to keep their employees and customers happy, reduce liability issues, and have well-maintained and safe properties, they need to outsource their cleaning and maintenance needs to a qualified company.

“You want to hire a company like Total Cleaning that has a well-established HR department that’s invested in training, development, and benefits for its frontline workers,” Wolf says. “Total Cleaning has a fully managed and consistent staff. We follow a daily checklist and have weekly inspections to ensure your property is always clean and maintained properly.”

Making your property cleaner and feel safer is a tangible value that Total Cleaning delivers. If your business could benefit from exterior maintenance services and another set of eyes to watch for liabilities, contact Total Cleaning today.

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