Total Cleaning to Mitigate Spread of Viruses in Broward County Schools
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When Broward County Public Schools reopened in October, parents, students, and faculty in the community wondered how they could safely return. Broward County Schools had to find a trusted resource that was trained and certified in professional disinfection services to properly mitigate the threat of virus transmission across 70 schools and try and protect hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and administrators daily.

Ensuring these school facilities remain safe goes well beyond new business for Total Cleaning. It was personal. As a company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, many Total Cleaning employees have children, family and friends that attend Broward County schools. When administrators at the school district chose Total Cleaning to provide pro disinfection services, it represented an opportunity for us to try and protect our family and friends.

“We appreciate the trust Broward Public Schools placed in us to protect children and faculties from the spreads of viruses and bacteria,” says Todd Wolf, CEO of Total Cleaning. “Broward’s decision is testament to our experience, training, and professionalism as we help South Florida’s economy recover, one business at a time.” 

Helping South Florida Get Back to Work Safely

Total Cleaning is on a mission to get life back to normal in South Florida. Our team is on the front lines of pro disinfection at major airports, transportation hubs, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and construction sites, ensuring that critical workers can safely do their jobs. Total Cleaning’s trained and certified technicians are also helping “non-essential” businesses bring commerce and activity back to our communities. Over our 30+ years of experience, we remain committed to protecting lives and livelihoods across various industries and types of facilities:

  • Public and private schools
  • Doctors’ offices, hospitals, and nursing homes
  • Concert halls and entertainment hubs
  • Real estate firms and general contractors
  • Restaurants, theatres, and shopping centers
  • Grocery stores, boutiques, and retail stores
  • Office buildings and industrial parks

Total Cleaning understands that just one contaminated doorknob can infect 40% of all occupants and 50% of surfaces in only four hours. That’s why Total Cleaning conducts pre-cleaning assessments to analyze factors such as occupancy, access points, air quality, object density, and high touch areas. Based on its analysis, Total Cleaning creates a plan that includes CDC-recommended, EPA-safe solutions proven to eliminate pathogens on every surface.

Global Risk Advisory Council Certified

In the age of COVID-19, Total Cleaning isn’t taking chances. That’s why the company’s janitorial technicians receive training in the science of infection prevention. Certified by the Global Risk Advisory Council (GBAC), Total Cleaning understands the correct techniques and best practices for mitigating biohazards like the novel coronavirus. To account for increased risk during the pandemic, Total Cleaning is investing in more sophisticated protective equipment and disposable materials to prevent cross-contamination. The goal is to treat every room like an isolation room to ensure that viruses and bacteria never spread across the building.

Amidst the pandemic, our GBAC and OSHA certifications reassure schools, hospitals, retailers, offices, airports, and entertainment venues that Total Cleaning provides a full spectrum of proper cleaning, disinfection, and consulting services that addresses all of their needs.

Free On-Site Risk Assessment

Total Cleaning understands the future may be uncertain for many South Florida businesses. That’s why it offers companies a free on-site risk assessment to visit a facility and determine exactly how best to treat the different areas and protect the lives and livelihoods of those that work or visit it. Total Cleaning provides its clients with a safety seal certifying that the facility was professionally disinfected. The window decal can be prominently displayed so employees and visitors know that the building or business owner invested in their safety.

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