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We are living in a new reality. One where major companies like Amazon, Wells Fargo & WeWork are evacuating offices after employees tested positive for the Coronavirus. Even the New York Stock Exchange floor is void of people today. That’s because the risk of COVID-19 transmission is high and companies must frequently disinfect every surface to prevent the ongoing threat of an outbreak.

In many of these companies, janitorial teams are in charge of protecting employees from potentially contaminated surfaces. Yet the custodial staff typically do not have the adequate training, the gear to protect themselves nor the proper equipment to effectively kill or prevent the spread of viruses. That’s why it’s so critical for businesses to supplement janitorial services with repeated deep sanitization cleanings during and after the COVID-19 crisis. Essential businesses like grocery stores, warehouses, call centers, pharmacies, commercial fleets, and healthcare providers need trained technicians on site who can keep employees safe so they can keep serving Americans who need them the most.

Standard janitorial “wipe and rinse” method using soaps and detergents isn’t effective to kill or prevent virulent germs, bacteria and viruses from spreading.

Different Surfaces, Different Risks

The standard janitorial “wipe and rinse” method using soaps and detergents isn’t effective to kill virulent germs, bacteria and viruses, according to the CDC. In fact, this strategy can even lead to cross contamination if the custodial staff member unknowingly uses an infected rag to wipe multiple areas in the building. Cross contamination is extremely dangerous because once a surface is tainted, it could remain infectious for up to 9 days, putting employees at unnecessary risk. To prevent these dangerously common errors, businesses must rely on sanitization companies with anti-virus experience.

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Training, Equipment & Process Matters

Our multi-step approach utilizes CDC-approved disinfectants with broad spectrum kill claims that are safe and effective.

A&S Total Cleaning’s Environmental Services Division (“EVS”) is trained in O.S.H.A. regulations, certified in the National Safety Council Blood Borne Pathogen protocol, and strictly adheres to procedures for infection prevention. We attack every surface and we return several days a week to mitigate the persistent risk of contamination. Our multi-step approach utilizes CDC-approved disinfectants with broad spectrum kill claims that are safe and effective, according to the EPA. Our technicians are armed with hazardous material suits, durable gloves, goggles, and air tight masks. We fill equipment with powerful disinfectants and then span the building to spray every high-touch surface. The cost of missing just one doorknob, computer, desk, floor tile or faucet is far too high, which is why we assign several technicians to inspect and sanitize each room.

We hand spray all horizontal services, allowing the solution to activate during a 4-minute “dwell time”. We then wipe up any excess with color-coded microfiber towels. The color-coded microfiber towels are essential as to not cross containment areas. Our technicians follow a dedicated process just to organize, use and dispose of microfiber towels.

On the second round, we roll out a specialized touchless electrostatic disinfecting sprayer, filled with medical-grade sanitizers to spray all surfaces again and tackle the hard-to-reach places like air vents. We coat the surfaces with this protective solution that helps prevent contamination for 5 – 7 days in between cleanings.

Working with Us

Along with advanced tools, training and strict protocols, repetitive disinfection is vital to protect offices from the ongoing chance of contamination. But not every building is under the same threat. For example, an open warehouse with little to no furniture may not require as many cleanings as a doctor’s office filled with instruments, desks, supplies and staff. That’s why our trained technicians personally visit every site before creating a strategy and schedule to keep employees safe.

At a time of great uncertainty, critical businesses need to create a safe environment for their critical employees. Organizations like manufacturers, fire departments, shipping companies, and take-out restaurants must consider supplementing janitorial services with proven virus disinfection procedures. Our team at A&S has over 30 years of commercial cleaning experience and we’ve worked with every type of business in South Florida to prevent the spread of viruses. We are committed to keeping your staff safe now and in the future.

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