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Professional cleaning and disinfection services can directly impact your bottom line. In a previous article, we provided data that shows how a higher standard of cleanliness can improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, protect your people, and lower your organization’s risk of liability. This is even more true during the COVID pandemic. We are now in the business of protecting lives and livelihoods.

This is why we offer a free on-site risk assessment before we quote any job. We know you have a need for speed to get a quote. We’re fast, but more importantly, we’re meticulous. A walkthrough of your facility should not be viewed as an inconvenience. Getting eyes on your site prior to cleaning and disinfection is the most responsible and effective way to protect your building, your business, and the people who inhabit it including our own personnel.

We do not just show up with bleach and sprayer. Our on-site risk assessment process is backed by professional certifications, established protocols, on-going team training, and more than 30-years of experience.

Here’s what you need to know about our site risk assessment and how it benefits your organization.

How Does A Site Risk Assessment Work? 

After we gather some initial information over the phone about the type and location of your facility, we set a rapid appointment and dispatch one of our area managers to your location. If you have an emergency like a COVID-19 contamination, we’ll try and expedite the site visit.

Once on-site, our experienced area manager evaluates the entire facility including around the perimeter. While taking pictures to document the work scope, we make note of:

  • Entry and exit points
  • Storage areas
  • Common areas
  • High touch surfaces
  • Floors and windows
  • Bathrooms
  • Equipment
  • Technology
  • Furniture

We also go beyond square footage. We consider the facility’s environment including the air quality, exterior, and pathways for potential safety hazards. While on-site, we’ll talk to you about our plan of action and advise on changes that can be made to reduce potential threats and liabilities to your organization.

4 Reasons You Need a Site Risk Assessment

1.  Determine the Equipment and Disinfectants Needed

If we were to show up to your facility without conducting an initial on-site inspection we would have no idea what equipment and cleaning supplies we actually need to protect your building, your people, or your business.

Think about it. Not every facility has the same layout, density, air quality, and hard to reach areas. We do not offer a one-size fits all service. We also consider the occupancy, traffic, and workflow of your building to determine the safest cleaning supplies we can use to treat each area based on its function effectively. We only choose cleaning solutions we trust based on our direct relationships with the manufacturers who produce them and those that comply with the CDC’s and EPA’s latest guidance.

2.  Prevent Unintended Health Issues From Improper Chemical Use

If you don’t get proper evaluation of your current cleaning supplies, you may potentially mix incompatible chemicals. This error can create dangerous residue buildup, as well as toxic fumes that can contaminate your air and surfaces. You need a commercial cleaner that has the knowledge, experience, and preparation to know what to safely use in your facility.

Total Cleaning carefully selects solutions based on the knowledge of chemistry, third-party research, and our own risk assessment findings. The site inspection allows us to choose chemicals that do not overexpose your customers and staff.

Overexposure to strong chemicals can be extremely problematic for people with asthma or other respiratory issues who are most vulnerable to COVID-related complications. It makes no sense to try and solve one health crisis by creating another. Chemical inhalation can also exacerbate allergies and cause long-term health issues due to their carcinogenic and hormone-disrupting properties. These are risks we are never willing to take with your people. We don’t just clean buildings to make them look shiny. We clean for health and hygiene.

3. Prevent Property Damage & Cross-Contamination

If you allow chemicals to sit too long or use them too frequently, standard cleaning solutions can discolor soft surfaces and corrode hard surfaces in your building. Walkthroughs enable us to review your materials and finishes to select compatible products that will never cause damage.

Site walkthroughs also help us determine which areas we need to hand-sanitize and which areas we should disinfect with our state-of-the-art electrostatic sprayers. Our preferred sprayers get into cracks and crevices that most manual methods miss–no wipe down required. This method significantly reduces the chances of cross-contamination.

Many cleaning products advertise themselves as “safe for surfaces.” But that claim is usually based on short-term studies and does not account for the exponential rise in use during the COVID pandemic. We see misuse and overuse of chemicals as a significant risk for property managers and business owners. As a company who have spent years working with conventional chemicals, we understand how they can affect surfaces over time. This knowledge is vital to prevent your organization from facing excessive repair and replacement costs in the future.

4. Request A Follow Up Hygiene Risk Management Consultation

We don’t just use site risk assessments to inform our sanitization plan. The data and insights we compile can be used to develop a robust Hygiene Risk Management playbook which goes beyond our enhanced cleaning and disinfecting services. Hygiene Risk Management is a strategic consultative process designed to proactively thwart an organization’s exposure to liabilities associated with hygiene-related health and safety risks. This program can impact the bottom line by keeping business insurance premiums low.

Our Hygiene Risk Management program involves …

    • Looking at every potential liability you face and advise on changes that can reduce your risk of getting sued. Slip and falls, for example, are the most common and costly liability for employers. We’ll review every floor in the building to ensure your current janitorial methods are safe.
    • Guiding the janitorial team on how to prevent cross-contamination and toxic residue buildup during your daily maintenance. Whether it’s your in-house team or ours, we teach cleaning technicians how to further reduce risks of an outbreak by making simple changes to the janitorial routine between treatments.
    • We also analyze potential biohazards related to air quality. For example, your current A/C may be promoting the spread of airborne pathogens. We also look for minor drippings, leaks, microbial growths, or stains to identify respiratory threats. Using this information, we may recommend filtration systems and architectural changes.

Schedule a Free On-Site Risk Assessment

Provide your organization with the immunity boost it deserves to protect the long-term health and safety of your employees and customers. With more than 30-years of commercial cleaning and disinfection expertise, we’ve built a strong reputation to properly assess any biohazard risks and develop an effective cleaning and disinfection plan.

Contact us to get a free site risk assessment of your facility.

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