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Our team has been cleaning buildings to shiny-new-perfection for 30 years. But scrubbing bathrooms is not nearly the extent of the value we offer. The cleaning we do is a function of the million steps we take to get there, including background checks, inspections, and training. Our capabilities go well beyond basic building maintenance. We develop custom enhanced janitorial cleaning programs to meet our clients’ needs, ranging from frequent standard upkeep, to deep cleanings, to professional disinfection.

We often find businesses struggle to hire a reliable, effective, and trustworthy staff to consistently perform to the highest standards. So over the last three decades, we’ve refined our recruiting process, implemented oversight technology, and established procedures to create an enhanced janitorial solution.

Why Standard Janitorial Is Not Enough

In the age of COVID, standard janitorial cleaning will not suffice … not for those business owners and facility managers who feel a responsibility to protect lives and livelihoods. We offer clients an enhanced janitorial solution that includes science-backed disinfection techniques. High touch areas and surfaces must be first cleaned and then properly disinfected to properly remove pathogens. That’s why members of our team are trained and certified in the Global Biorisk Advisory Council’s outbreak prevention, response, and recovery accreditation for facilities.

We understand exactly how to wipe away bacterial and viral threats using CDC-recommended, EPA-approved solutions. Our research and development team studies the interaction between specific solutions and surfaces to properly mitigate the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19 while ensuring what we touch and breathe is safe. Based on factors like building size, density (e.g. furniture and equipment) and occupancy, we’ll recommend the right frequency of disinfection within the janitorial scope of work.

Our standard scope of janitorial solutions include:

  • Cleaning restrooms every night
  • Mopping and dusting weekly
  • Vacuuming nightly
  • Spot cleaning glass between doors

Our enhanced janitorial solutions include:

  • Options for daily cleaning services
  • Options for daytime, nighttime, and weekend cleaning services
  • Kitchen and restroom cleaning/restocking
  • Hard-surface floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Reception area/lobby cleaning
  • Daily carpet care
  • Dusting and window washing
  • Waste removal
  • Exterior and grounds cleaning
  • Pro Disinfection programs
  • Post event cleanings

Our Investment to Build Your Trust

Not all service providers do what they say. That’s why we invest heavily in quality control technology and employee training and development. We use the latest mobile workforce management applications so our supervisors have eyes everywhere 24/7. We conduct rigorous employee background checks and retain a staff that is committed to meeting a higher standard of clean. All teams undergo OSHA training and certification. All must wear a Total Cleaning uniform and ID badge. We are proud with our track record and continue earning our clients trust every single day.

Consistency and Accountability

Businesses want a consistent cleaning service. That is a very reasonable request. The problem for other cleaning companies is their high staff turnover rate. They hire contractors or subcontractors. Not us. Our cleaning teams and supervisors are W2 employees. That translates to consistency and quality control. But that is just the start.

To ensure uniformity, we utilize a combination of smart technology and direct oversite. We train our technicians to take pictures before and after they finish each service and upload those images to our remote monitoring application. This allows our supervisors to review on-site activity every day and send the results directly to our clients. With the visibility and collaboration this app offers, we enable real-time communication to ensure clients are satisfied.

All members of our Enhanced Janitorial teams are required to clock-in and out when on the job site using our mobile workforce management app. If a team member does not show up on time (which is rare), a team supervisor receives an alert and dispatches a backup cleaning technician.

If one of our team members accidentally leaves a door unlocked, a building’s security and people are at risk. That’s why we have a fleet of managers who spot-check properties from 5 pm to 12 am, ensuring every building is secure.

Our supervisors conduct weekly on-site walkthroughs to make sure every facility is on point. We thoroughly inspect and take corrective action if needed. We also ask clients to submit monthly reviews of our service. If a client rates our performance lower than 8 in any area, a senior manager steps in to discuss immediate corrective steps.

Client Satisfaction Above All Else

Everything we offer, from trust to consistency, to quality of service, and accountability is all about exceeding our clients’ needs. Nearly every client rate our services a 8.5 out of 10. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction. We achieve these ratings because clients appreciate the visibility we provide on our own job performance and quality controls we have in place.

  • Conducting background checks is step one but utilizing geofencing technology is how we track our team’s whereabouts.
  • Training is essential but on-site inspections and remote collaborative tools help us monitor that specific cleaning protocols that we established with clients are being done consistently.
  • Onsite assessments are invaluable, but our client rating system is the fail-safe method to guarantee we’re meeting their needs. We want feedback.
  • Accountability is how we ensure everyone from the executives to the managers to the field technicians represent Total Cleaning at its very best.

By being fully transparent, clients have the confidence that we’re doing the job they hired us to do day in and day out.

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