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If you’re training for a marathon, you want a coach who successfully ran a few, right? I believe that concept applies to businesses looking for a highly competent cleaning company. You want an organization you can trust with proven skills and training to keep your building safe,”

– Todd Wolf, President of Total Cleaning

Total Cleaning just doesn’t talk about protecting lives and livelihoods. The leading commercial cleaning service provider in Florida walks the walk. Total Cleaning made it official by receiving the comprehensive GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation for its own building.

Other commercial cleaning companies may claim to have this knowledge. Still, Total Cleaning is one of the only Florida commercial cleaning companies that invested the time and resources to prove it can protect its building–and yours–from an outbreak or viral threat.

Total Cleaning doesn’t make promises based solely on its three decades of experience protecting South Florida businesses. Total Cleaning also proves its expertise by proactively adhering to the industry’s strictest cleaning and disinfection protocols at its own facilities.

GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation and Why it Matters

“In the post-Covid era, we believe risk mitigation training is invaluable and should be considered the new baseline knowledge-set for commercial cleaning providers.”

– Todd Wolf, President of Total Cleaning

According to the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, Total Cleaning has proven it understands how to clean its facility to the industry’s most rigorous standards. Why should GBAC’s stamp of approval matter to building owners, facility managers and property management companies? GBAC is a division of ISSA, the world’s leading trade association for the cleaning industry, consisting of experts in microbial-pathogenic threat analysis, response, and recovery.

Its performance-based certification is the industry’s only outbreak prevention and mitigation program. That means GBAC’s STAR program is critical in helping organizations establish protocols to manage emergencies like Covid-19, the flu, and other contagious outbreaks. Through GBAC’s vital accreditation program, Total Cleaning can now assure its clients that it has the proper protocols, certified cleaning technicians, and equipment in place to maintain clean and healthy environments that better protect the health and safety of a business’ employees and customers. Total Cleaning employs the most highly-skilled cleaning professionals who are trained to protect your people and ensure your building can confidently welcome customers back for the foreseeable future.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the GBAC STAR accreditation program is exactly what facilities need to confidently reopen and keep staff, customers, and communities safe.”

– John Barrett, Executive Director, ISSA

How Total Cleaning Became GBAC STAR Accredited

To receive the GBAC STAR Facility accreditation, Total Cleaning proved it implemented the strictest cleaning protocols and disinfection techniques to mitigate biorisks that could threaten the health of its people and its clients. And that was no 5-minute task. GBAC created its STAR program based on quality principles that rival relevant industry programs like ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 35001. Total Cleaning had to adhere to twenty comprehensive program elements to show proof of compliance to such standards. Those elements include:

  • Risk assessments and mitigation strategies
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Proper tools and equipment
  • Cleaning and disinfection chemicals
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • The list goes on

For each of the above, Total Cleaning submitted documentation based on specific performance and guidance criteria. As a result, the Accreditation Council determined the organization was officially ready to handle your businesses’ greatest environmental threats.

This also demonstrates Total Cleaning’s leadership in making cleaning, disinfection, and infection disease prevention an essential part of its business.

How Total Cleaning Protects South Florida Businesses

Did you know 75% of sink faucet handles and half of all computer mice and desk phones exhibit high levels of contamination? On a good day, those pathogens can cause mildly irritating colds that reduce your employees’ productivity and increases absenteeism. On a bad day, those germs can cause an outbreak that threatens your lives and livelihood. Total Cleaning understands the importance of hygienic and healthy environments, which is why it invests a significant amount of time refining its procedures and training its technicians to deliver a full spectrum of commercial cleaning solutions.

“When there are budget cuts, organizations usually cut training programs first. At Total Cleaning, we continued investing even in the worst part of the pandemic when we didn’t know what to expect. We…wanted to train every employee, no matter the cost,” said Total Cleaning HR Director Patricia Palacios-Colon.

Commercial Cleaning Training

All Total Cleaning employees receive training on the Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) Standards, giving them extensive chemistry knowledge on keeping buildings spotless while preventing viral outbreaks. After one year at Total Cleaning, field managers, supervisors, and team leads also enroll in the ISSA Cleaning Management Institute’s (CMI) Basic Custodial Technician Program. This advanced certification teaches them how to pandemic-proof restrooms and high-touch areas while delivering first-rate customer service.

Going Beyond Janitorial & EVS Cleaning

Healthcare organizations have rapidly adapted to protect workers and patients from the increased risk of Covid exposure, along with numerous viral pathogens. In response, Total cleaning has trained its Environmental Services (EVS) team to rigorously clean high-touch areas and ensure these facilities pass state health and third-party inspections to reduce transmission and deliver a flawless clean. The company is also closely monitoring the US Department of Labor’s OSHA’s emergency temporary standard that it’s creating to protect healthcare workers from contracting coronavirus. According to a recent news release, OSHA is establishing new requirements, which may inevitably include raising hygiene and disinfection standards.

Elevating Commercial Cleaning in South Florida

Total Cleaning didn’t wait for the second or third wave of Coronavirus to enhance its cleaning and disinfection procedures. When Covid first struck, Total Cleaning immediately sought guidance from GBAC and began applying for its STAR Facility Accreditation program. As an organization, it immediately elevated its own cleaning equipment and protocols to assist South Florida businesses in preventing or recovering from outbreaks. As a result, Total Cleaning established Pro-Disinfection protocols to wipe out pathogens using hospital-grade, EPA-approved, and CDC-recommended solutions. But you don’t have to take it at its word. The proof is in Total Cleaning’s GBAC STAR profile.

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